Please help !How to get the string item value in HABDROID!

Hi friends i am editting the source code of HABDroid on github. My purpose is that I want my android phone to speak out the value of a String item whenever it changes using TTS engine.

But I dont know how to get the value of this String item. Can anybody show me how?

If you would use HABPanel this exact feature is build in.

To have that with hardwood you’d need a rule which is triggered by the change of that item .and the actual code would be something like

say (" Item state has changed to: "+ YourItem.state.toString)

You would need to have the TTS service setup and the default audio-sink to be SystemAudio or Web Audio (not sure on the last one). Note that it would be played on all systems showing habdroud, basicui and classicui.

I dont want to use the say() command because the TTS engine of openHAB does not support my language.
Is there anyway I can add new language to the available TTS engines ? (Marytts, VoiceRSS)