Please help! Set up of a small school with OpenHAB

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A timeout usually means the end point zwave device did not respond in a timely/expected fashion; you man want to kick off a network heal and see how the nodes look on the map after the heal completes.

As for another way to put zwave power devices into the topology this might be helpful for your situation - There might also be another company that provides a similar device, this is just an example to show.

Thank you I’ll try it right at the top of the hour

No luck at all… I’ll go again to the school this Pm and try to remove them completely from the zwave network, and re add them. I wonder if I need to power cycle those switches as well… (shut down breaker/put it back up)… I’ll let yo know when I get them back online I’m not giving up!!!

Hello! Just to let you know that I’m not giving up on OpenHAB, but I’ve been working with this project for almost 2 extra months with little improvement… I went ahead and did a full reset (with the zensys-tools) on the zwave USB controller, to no avail (still the devices farther away connect randomly). I was able in the end to add the three light switches and they seem to work correctly, but the GoControl devices farther away are still experiencing trouble and randomly disconnect…
I’m attaching the latest z-wave graph, as well as a couple of logs from last night and this morning.
Oh I also added a couple of z-wave repeaters (aeotec range extender 6) but a similar issue, it seems I can never get a stable enough network (again for the farther away devices)
Please help! I’m getting into the desperate phase already… and my brain wants to give up (but my heart still believes this is possible)
Thank you for any hint/suggestions/ etc you can give me!



Have you tried using a zniffer to observe the Z-Wave traffic? @robmac has used them to help troubleshoot networks.

Hi Bruce, Thank you for your fast response! No I haven’t - any pointers on how to use them? Any device you need to purchase?

A UZB-3 stick is recommended by Rob. I am going to get one myself soon. It is then flashed with some software from SiLabs, the owner of Z-Wave.
EDIT: This link looks like it might work for you.

I got myself one and I’ll be contacting Rob on how to use it.

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I just ordered one.
If he doesn’t respond here we can perhaps work through this together. I have some information in a private message thread with him.

Sounds good! I am trying to download the program but doesn’t allow me with the normal user. Any trick to get the software to download?

I have not done that yet. Let’s see if @robmac responds here.

Just finishing work. Will help when I get back

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Thank you so much! No rush I’ve been with this issue for the last 3 months so I can wait :slight_smile:

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I sympathize for a couple of reasons.
I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. I currently live in Virginia working in IT for a University.

No direct experience but try creating a developers account or whatever it’s called on the web site
I remember another user saying he had to create an account

Please give some idea of the physical distance of these devices and what obstructions are between the nodes (wall? concrete or frame) This probably won’t give any real help for your problem but at least we can get an idea of if the devices are way out of range or should be working

Hi the total Hallway is around 120 ft long (just 10 classrooms and one library in between) Most of the walls are concrete. All the nodes near the servers room work correctly, and there is direct line of sight between the light switches. I’m attaching two pictures (from the security cameras) so you can visualize what I’m facing - nothing too fancy but cannot make it work at all!!

Concrete or “concrete block”, usually called cinder block here in the US ? That makes a difference in RF propagation.

Yes that’s the same. The interesting thing is I can get some walls without any trouble, but the ones way behind (maybe 120-13 ft) cannot connect, even with a lot of repeaters and z-wave powered devices working correctly they don’t seem to make a difference. maybe I need to add those to the network in a different way? Put them near the z-wave controller and then move them? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but cannot identify where I’m missing it… I do have a similar system (less complex) at home (for testing of course) and it works great there… but fewer devices and shorter distances…

RF through construction can vary widely, especially with older structures.
Here, testing with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, we had some buildings where the signal would travel between floors and others where it would not.
The worst is a stone mansion with plaster & lath walls. There we needed to put an AP in every room to get coverage.