Please help understanding the openhab2 architecture


I am evaluating if I can leverage and extend openhab2 to develop our commercial solution. Everything looks very promising so far, open structure, plug-in integration, REST API, mobile applications, and supporting embedded devices…

I have checked both eclipse smart home framework Github code and the openhab2 code. There are many java packages. It would help if I can understand the overall software design of openhab2.

Can anybody point me the right direction?


Start here:


and here:

It might be informative to learn how to build a plug-in:

Actually working with OH, experimenting with the demo setup, creating a configuration yourself will also be very informative.

Beyond that, I’m afraid you will have to delve into the code itself. I believe the documentation on the dev side is limited to just enough to get you started writing addons, no more.

But if you have some specific questions I’m sure we can get some answers to you.

Hi, Rick:

Thanks for quick reply. Yes, I went through all those links and also did the demo setup. I am more interested in the code internal work and overall architecture. Without a good understanding of the internal work, it is hard to make a decision whether or not to build something on top of the it.


Then, read the code here!
As Rich already asked, do you have any specific questions?