Please Help with Alexa voice control!

Hi guys,because I’m totally a newbie so forgive me for several noob questions:

I saw this two projects on github from some threads in this community:


so I wonder which one is better? If I want to install Alexa on my system (Raspberry pi 3 OH2), which should I choose?
I think IFTTT is enough anyway, does it necessary to use one of the above two projects? Sorry because the description in those two links are two long and complicated and it did spin my head around.

And DO PLEASE INSTRUCT ME DETAILEDLY how to install one of them (the better one) on my raspberry pi. I followed these two posts but none of that works!!! Those instructions are like for users who experienced using that project before. Thus beginners like us find them very difficult to follow
Lastly, Is there anyway to get rid of the first keywords : Alexa trigger… whenever I want to order something (I’m using IFTTT)???
Thanks in advance!!! I’d be very very appreciated!

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