Please help with rfxcom binding and somfy blinds


i am a newcomer in the OpenHab world. I realized in the last week to open and close my roller blinds using the rfxcom binding with a RFXtrx433 E USB.
With “normal” blinds it works fine. In my office i have blind with slats wich can be in several positions.
The position is controlled with an UP/DOWN - Command. This works “fine”.

To open or close the the blinds i need a Command “UP_2SEC” and “DOWN_2SEC”, whichs works with the RFXmngr fine. How can i use this commands in my rules?

I found that in the class RFXComRfyMessage which extends RFXComBaseMessage these commands exists - but no idea how to use them.

Thank you very much for an example or a tip for me to solve this problem.

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I just came across exactly the same question ending up in the already known… :frowning:

Have you already found a solution you could share with me?

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Hi Sven,

i didn´t find a solution which is integrated in the binding :frowning:

I´m using a workaround discribed by underpop in this thread:

This works, althought I sometimes have problems, of which I believe that they are due to the fact that it takes longer to start the external program for the command and/or the acces to the interface over two ways.

You have to test this.

Good luck


Hi Hans,

I had a look at the binding and opened an issue on Github. Since there wasn’t any reply yet I did the implementation by myself and do have a solution that is at least working for me. I added another ValueSelector in the source files especially for Blinds:

Rollershutter	Rollladen1	{ rfxcom=">" }
Rollershutter	Jalousie1  { rfxcom=">" }

I would like to test this a few days to see if it remains stable but it would be great if you also could give it a try before I make a pull request. Would you be interested?

Best regards,


I would be :slight_smile:

Great. :slight_smile: I’ve not yet updated the repository with my latest sources, but everything works pretty well for me. From a SW point of view I would say that the binding is fine. I still sometimes have a minor issue with closing one of my blinds which most probably is related to the position of the RFXCom.
If you are interested I could share my binding with you. Later I’ll upload my sources to Github as soon as I do have enough time to clean the code.

Yes, extremely interested. I am away for three days, though, so I could test either today or from the 31st of Dezember on.

I’ve uploaded my latest binary to Dropbox. Please give it a try.

The usage is straight forward:
Rollershutter Rollladen1 "Kueche" <rollershutter> { rfxcom=">" } Rollershutter Jalousie1 "Erker" <rollershutter> { rfxcom=">" }