Please provide the step by step guide for setup openhab2 development environment on windows 10

openHAB2 development environment setup on WIN10

All existing step by step tutorials are very old. could please provide the step by step action on setup of development environment

thank you

AFAIK they are still valide, even the are old. I use the guides everytime my devzone needs to be setup on a new machine. Are you having any issues with the setup?

which are the below i need to select for openhab2 development

the below screenshot show you the downloaded packages and error while run

It depends on what you want to develop.
For an openHAB2 Binding, select “openHAB2 Add-ons”
If you want to contribute to the Z-Wave Binding, select “openHAB Z-Wave Binding”
If You want to contribute to the core, select "ESH + OH2 Core Bundles.
Not so difficult …

The error indicate that You have not choosen the correct development packages.