Plex Binding

Is anyone using Plex binding with OH2? I can’t seem to get it to work, but I don’t know how to get it all working with OH1 bindings. Like where would you add the info you would normally for openhab.cfg etc…

I can’t find the developer on here, he’s on github as idserda.
If it’s not being developed, I could start having a look at updating it to OH2 myself.


I’ve gotten pieces of it working. I put this:

Switch PlexTVPause      "Pause"         <video>     {plex="<clientid>#playback/pause"}
Switch PlexTVPlay       "Play"          <video>     {plex="<clientid>#playback/play"}

String PlexTVStatus     "Status [%s]"   <video>     {plex="<clientid>#state"}
String PlexTVTitle      "Title [%s]"    <video>     {plex="<clientid>#title"}

(with an appropriate client ID of course) in conf/items/plex.items, and I put this:

sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
    Frame {
        Switch item=PlexTVPause
        Switch item=PlexTVPlay
        Text item=PlexTVTitle visibility=[PlexTVStatus!="Stopped"]

in conf/sitemap/plex.sitemap

For me, this does result in 2 switches and a text item showing up in the UI. The text item updates correctly based on what my client is playing, but the switches don’t do anything yet. (I’m sure this is an error on my part, I’ve only been using openHAB for a grand total of 2 days.)

Hope you find this helpful.

would be so nice if anyone could make a fully working binding for oh2

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