PLS help - auto thing overview is gone

Hey there,
this is my first post ever in this forum and I want to say thank you for keeping up such a great community, that provides noobs like me with answers to my noob questions.

I have a rather basic problem that occurred with the last release of the iOS OH App 2.0.3.
I have OH2 running on my Synology and use only a few switches, dimmers and roller shutters.
Once I had all these things setup on the paper UI, I was able to see a list of all things in the App and could control them. That overview is now gone.
To be precise: It was still there after updating the App to 2.0.3 but once I open the sidebar, I am unable to retrieve the list view of things.

Can anyone tell me why that overview can no longer be selected in the sidebar?
Is there any other way to simply show a list of things without having to setup a sitemap?

Thank you in advance for your help.
BRGS Andre