[PlugwiseHA] Triggerchannel for calibrate /identify

While waiting for a review to get the initial binding for plugwise home automation merged, i’m thinking of adding some functionality in a follow up PR. While doing so i like to ask the more experienced to point me in the right direction.
This binding supports a range of devices including some valves that can be automatically-calibrated by performing a call to an API-endpoint.
If i translate this to openHAB, i think of a state channel and a linked item (switch) that can be turned ON and goes off immediate. When handling the command, i call the endpoint.
If i look at the documentation i see there is also a different channel type: trigger channel. I can hardly find any documentation for this. But if i look at the first picture in (Bindings | openHAB) the trigger channel has a label about firmware upgrade, and that is somewhat similar. Where can i find more documentation, or is there someone who can let me know what the best channel type or approach would be?

Thanks in advance

Found this discussion that looks like the desired behavior:

A push button at the GUI (stateless) that triggers a request to the API so that a identify or calibrate process is started. Does anyone know a implementation in any binding that i can investigate/ or is there some good documentation? Sorry, but i can;t seem to find it.

Ah. somehow lost this question, and initially was thinking about the switch. But this can indeed be implemented as command option.There is also documentation about this: Thing Descriptions | openHAB

I guess if you search for the command tag in the add-ons repo you’ll find some examples too.