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I have a HP E2810-24G Switch (J9021A) which I would like to use now to network a multiple dwelling (I live in it) and create a central Internet access point. I think it is a suitable device for the project.
Unfortunately, it can’t do PoE and the first subproject is an IP/PoE based intercom system with up to 10 devices, which I want to connect to this switch. How do I find the device that has PoE on the line?
There’s an endless amount of Poe Injectors / Midspans from € to €€€€.
Would a simple 24 port managed switch be a good idea?
Is there a good overview somewhere?

Just get a used PoE Switch off eBay, these are cheap enough even in brandnames like HP. A Procurve 26xx perhaps.

that was quick.
I’m really don’t know the differences between all those switches. I got mine from our IT department.

The 26xx is older than mine 28xx isn’t it?
It looks like that the 26xx does not support 1 Gbit/s at each port and there are only limited fiber ports, isn’t it?

Well, yes. Pick another model then, I’m not going to recommend one for you. You did say this was for a dwelling place not a corporate environment, but if you think you need fibre and gigabit there are models to choose from.

the point is that the building is connected to the community’s fibre network. In order to hook-up the local network to the fibre network access point, a fibre port is preferred. In addition, we can get up to 2 Gbit/s, whereby 1 Gbit/s is fair enough.
Just wondering how I could narrow down adequat managed switches which can be easily found on ebay :innocent:

Well you could use search criteria. How many ports, PoE needed are pretty obvious selectors. You might prefer HP brand if you are used to it and/or if you’re more likely to get help from IT friends at work. There’s three basic selectors to get started.

Then you’ve got port requirements, fibre etc. Decide what you want. Look at each model to see if it has what you want.

You can of course add-on PoE gubbins to what you’ve got, but me I’d get a used big-brand box with everything all in one. Simpler to house/power/maintain especially as this not just an odd PoE port but at least ten. That’s a dozen cables and connections you’ve saved already.
This corporate level equipment is ultra reliable, don’t worry about age.

that is good news, I can do the checks.
I have only one question, what are the proper series:

  • HP Procurve
  • Cisco ???
  • Netgear ???
  • ???
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I don’t know what that means.

I meant what a proper enterprise-grade managed switch manufactures.
Which of their ranges is the right one to search for such as HPE Procurve.
I would say

  • HPE
  • Cisco
  • Netgear
  • T-Link

are a good choice, what about

  • Zyxel
  • Ubiquiti
  • Planet
  • Startech

I would recommend not to buy Unifi. They make good Ap but switches are too expensive compared to what you get.

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And even the access points are not that good either. Or they are good but the software is pretty unstable. If you want to go enterprise look at getting Ruckus, running unleashed.

About noise in the switches, I run 2x24P Juniper EX3300 with PoE, they are not noisy at all. I replaced the fans with Noctuas, the same can be done with UniFi. If you are using a Poe switch 24-48 ports they will more or less all have noisy fans.



@Seaside Agreed on the software quality. Using latest software is very risky with Ubiquiti. And the Ruckus AP are much high in price. The difference is smaller when looking at the switches.

@J-N-K Agree with switches. Want you want to look at is also if it is possible to get firmware updates without a service agreement. A lot of enterprise models require you to have a service/support agreement (this is the case with Juniper).

About the cost for Ruckus APs. It’s true that they are expensive if you buy them brand new, but that holds true for most enterprise gear (including switches). I’ve been buying R710s for as low as 100$ on ebay, and also bought a batch of 5xR500 for 250$. More and more home users are looking into using Ruckus AP:s now, so you basically have to probe Ebay, and buy quickly when it’s cheap.


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Yup. This is business-critical gear. The corps buying it new are happy to pay for performance, warranty, support, etc.
There are not many buyers of five year old 48-port gigabit switches, because they buy new.

I suppose we should talk about fans. Some of this stuff is noisy - it is meant to sit in a cupboard, not under the desk. For domestic use you might seek out fanless designs, which do exist in modest capacity designs even with PoE.

If you do get a fan, this is the part that does age (gets noisier!) and has a limited lifespan. Cheap to replace if you are a handyman. Budget for this.