PoKeys57E contact/PIR sensors + wiring

I’ve recently pulled the trigger on a PoKeys57E and am waiting on delivery from Germany. Im interested in using it for contact and PIR sensors, and possibly for some lux sensors if its supported. Does anyone have any suggestions on some PIR sensors I could get? I have been looking for some flush mounted ones, but all the ones I have seen so far are mains powered and switch a load i.e. they are connected directly to the light.

As far as wiring the contact sensors up - I take it one leg goes to one of the inputs on the PoKeys57E and the other goes to ground?


If you look at wired “burglar alarm” type PIRs you will find a large range of 12V powered devices with contact outputs.

Thanks for the reply. Something like this then?


Or maybe like

There are lots of choices