Poll: Which OH1.x addons do you use?

Yes, but wasn’t sure of that when the poll went out… https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/issues/5882. I’ve asked about the others too.

It has not been part of the OH v2 distribution ever as v2 binding was ported before OH v2 was released. In that time there was no legacy bindings or karat features, so v1 bindings was just removed from pom file. So it’s same as e.g. samsungtv v1 binding, which has been never part of the OH v2 distribution (like you have documented on the table).

Same for WeMo and digitalSTROM Binding.

I didn’t realize this was not in the distro. So, rfxcom has a 2.x version, the 1.x version is not in the distro, and four people from the poll claim to be using it. I assume if a 1.x addon is working in OH2, then it should be moved into the distro. And since it has a 2.x version already, it should also be marked as legacy. @hilbrand, does this sound like the right approach to you?

@cmc, @Chod, @Rafal and @bartsnijder, can you please confirm that you are using the 1.x version of the rfxcom binding in OH2 and not the 2.x version?

re rfxcom, sorry yes “binding-rfxcom - 2.4.0”

would a tool that could return to a central database what stuff/bindings ppl are using assist the team

I think they are in the distro. However there are not in the feature files. So they won’t show up when showing the list of available openHAB 1 bindings in PaperUI. If you want to use them you need to manually configure them. The rfxcom binding is marked as obsolete in the documentation. So I think that is covered. In general I think if an openHAB 1 binding is not yet in a feature file it should not be added anymore.

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Well, it depends how one understand distro. Rfxcom v1 binding is not in legacy addon kar file and there are no karaf feature file, so for me it’s not then part of the distribution. Regular user can’t install it and don’t even know it exists. It’s still compiled and it can be found from artifactory.

But anyhow, that wasn’t my point. Point was that table above states that there is no v2 variant, which is incorrect. And same for WeMo and digitalSTROM bindings like @hmerk said. And there seems to be many others e.g. daikin and plclogo. @5iver, or did I misunderstand the “Already migrated to 2.x” column?

Ah ok point taken :smile:

Yes these bindings should also be on the list. As I mentioned I’m working on a list with references to the work being done. I checked and on my list these are mentioned as having a version 2 binding.


I am using the 2.2.0 version. (sorry for the confusion….)

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I’ve posted the promised overview of the openHAB 1 addon compatibility with openHAB 2 addons. A table that includes the poll results posted here. I’ve compiled this list to have a single place to get an overview and to include the poll results:


I guess I am the only person who needs upb functionality :frowning:

The funny thing about an poll on an Home Automation Software asking its Users is the following: You will never get a picture of the whole Userbase. Why? Because as a User - if everything works - you will not be here often. You will if you buy something new or as a curiosity if there is some new Feature you might like.

Especially if you use the Product/Addon since more than 5 Years, which is the case with 1.x Addons.

The good thing about an poll here is, that you can’t vote multiple times. The bad if you don’t run the poll long enough and is not published visibly (got it over the openhab 3 thread) is that you will not get an picture of the real world use.

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OH 1.x compatibility has been removed in OH 3.0, so none of these bindings will work any longer. There is still plenty of time before the release fr these addons to be migrated. The only reason for this poll was to identify which 1.x bindings were most used to show developers where they could most help the rest of the community. This poll served its purpose well and extending it would have only delayed the results. Two posts above yours is a link to the GH issue where the data from the poll has been used.


The users who do not look at this site, will probably not update to openhab 3.0 and are therefore not affected by this update.

This was discussed extensively on this thread and in the threads that spawned this one. We are fully aware that this may not be representative of the full user base. But it’s all we have and all we will ever have. IIRC the poll was left open for a month.

A poll like this is the best information we will ever get. So our choices is to do nothing at all because the information isn’t perfect, or take action with the best information we have.

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Will be missing. And energenie will be very bad if will be not compatible in future!

https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/energenie1/ https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/panasonictv1/ https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/wol1/

The WoL binding has now been superceded by a WoL feature in the Network binding, which is compatible with OH3.

Ah ok! Thanks for your update. Energenie is also ok and is integrated since 5.5.5.

Hi, I just saw that poll. I’m using the ekey binding. What’s the best way to migrate this binding? Migrating to OH2 binding or is there any difference to OH2 and it is best to wait until OH3 is released?

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I also use ekey binding. For bindings, which aren’t ported into 3.x or at least 2.x, there’s only one way to maintain them:

  1. use a openHAB2 instance and install the 1.x bindings there
  2. use the “remote openHAB” binding in your “main” openHAB3 instance
  3. the remote openHAB binding will use the items from any other openHAB instance (2.x or 3.x)

So, in our case we have to maintain an OH2 for ekey and then remote transfer the items to OH3.