Polling serial device state with OH3

I am trying to use the serial binding with OH3 - Serial - Bindings | openHAB
The problem is the serial device I want to talk with requires polling type communication for the relays states but it seems (or i am not able to find info) the binding does not support periodically sending of command to the serial device (the so called polling). Other bindings like SNMP or Modbus support such type of polling.

For example i need to do this:

Loop this every x seconds.

  1. OH3 sends string command “ask//”
  2. The relay board replies with number stating the relays positions

However from the documentation this seems not possible. The binding assumes the serial device is sending data by itself only ?

Am I missing something or this is just limitation of the binding at the moment ?

Thank you in advance!

Set up a rule, triggered by periodic time.
Have the rule send a command to your Item linked to the serial channel.

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