Pop-up on mobile with choices?

Is it possible too get a rule too trigger a pop-up on mobile with a choice

I saw it the other day on a video for home assistant his rule made a pop-up on mobile asking if he would like too start the robot vacuum

Also what about Google home any closer too two way conversation can google ask a question like would you like too turn on the vacuum and wait for a response

I’ve seen posts implementing this with Telegram. I suspect there are ways to do it with some of the other notification add-ons too. There isn’t a way to do it with the native openHAB notifications and phone apps though, as far as I’m aware.

The Google Assistant Action recently gained the ability to check the status of a device and then ask if you want to send a command. However, you still have to initiate the conversation–Google isn’t going to suddenly ask you if you want to turn on the vacuum.

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