POP3 or IMAP access?


has openHAB a POP3 or IMAP access?

I need access from openHAB to my email account. I need a event when new Message arrive.

Is that possible?

Not really. There is a Mail Control Binding which will receive and process emails on a configured account with “Openhab” a the subject and a specific JSON for the body text. But if you just want an event when any old message arrives you will have to look elsewhere.

I had already looked on mail control binding :wink:

I need the other direction. From openHAB to my imap or pop3 account.

Then I have to try REST with http binding (https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/v1/reference/)

Has someone already made?

What are you trying to do? Mail actions will allow you to send an email.

I will swicht a light on my Karotz when arrived a email.

And will read my email with Karotz. This work in Fhem :slight_smile:

You can send mail using the sendMail action. and put anything you want in the body.

Now i haven’t started using OpenHab yet but im having the same idea as @Thomas_Wenzlaff i need to trigger stuff based on emails that are sent to a specific POP3 or IMAP account.

There was an OH 1 version binding that let you send an email containing a JSON body to cause updates to an Item in OH. However, according to @watou this never really worked well. It is not currently listed as a tested 1.9 version binding in PaperUI.