Popp Flow Stop Z-wave

Hi there,

Has anyone experience with setting up the Popp Flow Stop via Z-Wave binding?
It seems that it is not supported.


What device exactly do you mean? If it’s this one, it should be supported.

Yes, this one.
But I’m unsure what “This version of the device is limited to firmware version 1.2” means?

It means that the it will only work with firmware version 1.2.

If this is an issue, I suspect that this constraint was applied needlessly and we can remove it. Does your device use a different version?

I’m just about to purchase this device. But with this information I need to find out which firmware version it has before ordering it.

It seems that there is also a quite similar device from Zipato at a lower price.

I wouldn’t worry about the firmware version - if it’s an issue we will resolve it very easily.

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Thank you for the great support :slight_smile:

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