POPP Smoke Detector (4001)


I am just wondering what the right “item received command” attribute is, when checking in a rule?

Is it “Alarm” and “Ok” as indicated in the Paper-UI Control? Or is it ON / OFF ?

if item ZAlarm2 received command Alarm {


Quick questions :slight_smile:

Is the POPP smoke detector WITH siren worth it?
Would you recommend the 10 years battery detectors?
Can you change batteries of the devices? I’m not sure how the 10 year fixed battery statement is meant…


The 10 years batteries can’t be changed. But you anyway should not use a smoke detector for more than 10 years, because they collect dirt and may not function correctly anymore! So each somke detector shall be replaced after 10 years, independent which battery they use.


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I’m unsure if I should get the 10 years version or the 4001 - they are all quite expensive if you need a lot :confused:
Any experience with battery duration on the 4001?

In my first test device the batery was empty after 1,5 years with a lot of testing and using it as siren. The very good thing with the detector is that it supports meshing and will forward the signals of other nodes. From my point of view battery life is OK and you will have a very stable network if you have a lot of them in your house.

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I think I will also get the 4001 - the other version are just too expensive. Even the 4001 is expensive compared to non-zwave ones.

Same for me. And I’m still happy with my decission. The 4001 are the very good flammex smoke detectors plus z-wave. The only thing that is badly implemented is the display of the battery power. See this thread: Popp Smoke Detector and Siren

Today, I’ve tested the smoke detector with a test spray. The alarm was spread to all z-wave devices in the network.
It was quite funny to see what the default configuration of the devices does…

But… within OpenHAB I received only a battery event, no smoke event. But the items …alarm_general and sensor_binary are both defined.
Do I need to set the association group 2 (Alarm reports) to OpenHAB? I had it blank.

My next and biggest problem is, that I can’t get the detector quiet anymore. When I plug-in again the battery, the alarm turns on again.
Any ideas to get rid of it?

I bought some of them too and will test this next week.

I discovered an other problem:

Can someone verify this?

Wakeup config: yes
Last wakeup time: no


Which Version of the z-wave binding do you use?

Latest dev/security

Don’t forget to manually wake up the device several times , :sunglasses:

Yes I know,

but in Papuer-UI the settings for “Wakeup config” are not shown. See my screenshot.

This is why I ask.

Not the config, push the button! :rofl:

Once included a simple click on button (3) will
issue a Node Information Frame.

Ok, you want to tell me, that the device is not fully recognized due to missing NIF? If fully recognized, then this settings “Wakeup settings” will be created by the binding to us in Habmin?

Yes for the “Last heal time”, no for the wakeup config: the device has no wakeup config.

Ah, ok, understood. I interpreted this wrong.

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I played aroung with my smoke sensors.

In the manual is written

The siren can be used for other alarm indication. For this reason the device will be shown at Graphical user interface as a simple on/off switch. Turning on this
switch start the siren, turning it off will stop the noise. The generic siren alarm has a different acoustic pattern than the permanent sound caused by smoke. The
configuration parameters 1 and 2 define the style of the sound.

My config:

Switch SmokeSensor01        "Rauchmelder Gang Meldeton [%s]"  {channel="zwave:device:xxx:nodexx:switch_binary"}
Switch SmokeSensor01_Sensor "Rauchmelder Gang Sensor [%s]"    {channel="zwave:device:xxx:nodexx:sensor_binary"}
Switch SmokeSensor01_Alarm  "Rauchmelder Gang Alarm [%s]"     {channel="zwave:device:xxx:nodexx:alarm_general"}

As I understood, ther are two different alarm.

  1. switch_binary = custom alarm
  2. alarm_general or sensor_binary = alarm at smoke detectiop

I can controll the “custom alarm” by a switch item (switch_binary) and can configure alarm length by settings parameter 1 and 2.

The smoke alarm siren itself (alarm_general or sensor_binary) cannot be started or stopped by a switch item? Only when smoke is detected is starts automatically.
If I want to publish this smoke alarm to the other siren by OH not by mesh, what should I do? I cannot activate the smoke alarm by a switch (alarm_general or sensor_binary) only the custom alarm “switch_binary”

But this custom alarm can have different sound profile settings due to parater 1 and 2 and because of this the other sirens which do not detect smoke act different in sound. Makes no sence.

Hi, I have the same “problem” and I decided just to use the switch_binary because I don’t need different alarm tones

Now I am really fead up with these POPP4001.
Again after 10 Months of usage, the Lithium batteries are again empty and they start to beep.
I am not willing to invest 30€ of batteries each year for 6 sensors :rage:
Now I unplugged all of the communication modules and assembled the sensors back to their place with new batteries. Lets see, how long they are now lasting :wink: