Popp smoke sensor 4001 - no "wakeup configuration settings" and no "last wakeup time" in z-wave things available

All my existing/working z-wave devices are added with OH2.0 or OH2.1

Today I included my first z-wave Popp smoke sensor 4001 with z-wave binding 2.3.0 snapshot on OH2.2 stable.

It looks like the device is not recogniced fully. Some settings are missing:

Example of a batterie powered door sensor:

Example of the Popp Sensor batterie powered too:

“last wakeup time” is missing in properties and no “wakeup settings” available.

Is this a problem of the device or the z-wave binding? Or normal behaviour of smoke sensors?

The device itself is working and sends every hour the batterie status. I can see this in the log.

I have the same „issues“. Also I must repace the battery of the smoke sensor every two month.

It seems that this device does not support the wakeup command class, so it is normal therefore that it is not displayed in the binding UI.

when the module “hit” the

it send a update to the actual state of the module ?
thanks for your info