POPP TRV Working?

I’m making the transition from SmarthThings to OpenHab and have a number of z-wave devices.
I’m hoping to confirm that my two Z-wave POPP TRVs will work in OpenHab?
For z-wave binding, I’m using a Aeotec Z-wave stick (Gen 5).

You can look up your device here. If it is listed it is supported. If it isn’t you can submit an update and have the device added. Once it is added it will become part of the snapshot (usually only takes a few days) and you can run with the snapshot version of the binding until the next release.

Unless the device requires the security command class in which case you need to run with the development build of the zwave binding.

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Thanks for getting back.
It does look like the TRVs that I have are in the database, so that’s good news.
Just need to unpair them from Smartthings and then pair in OpenHab now.

Just to add that those devices don’t see to be very trustworthy. Bought two of them for testing last year and one of them seems to be dead already. I does not communicated with the zwave controller anymore I can only control it physically which beats the whole point of using it. Changed batteries, went to factory default, excluded / re-included it in the zwave network a few dozen times and it still does not talk to the controller.

Anybody else has a similar experience ?