Populating groups [Solved]

Hi All,

Should be an easy question.

I’m trying to set up a group to chart that group (i’ve had success graphing one item!).

So i’m trying to graph all my Electricity meters, so have created a group gMeters

Group gMeters

Number Meter_TF_Loft_Lamp1 “Loft Meter” (gMeters) { channel=“zwave:device:d114bf85:node2:meter_watts”}
Number Meter_FF_LR_Lamp1 “Living Room Meter” (gMeters) {channel=“zwave:device:d114bf85:node4:meter_watts”}
Number Meter_SF_GR_Lamp1 “Guest Room Meter” (gMeters) { channel=“zwave:device:d114bf85:node5:meter_watts”}
Number Meter_SF_BR_Lamp1 “Bed Room Meter” (gMeters) { channel=“zwave:device:d114bf85:node3:meter_watts”}

The chart isn’t working, so i thought I’d just add the group to the sitemap, and it is showing empty

Group item=gMeters

I was expecting to be able to navigate into the group and see the values

Individual values show on the sitemap

Text item=Meter_TF_Loft_Lamp1
Text item=Meter_FF_LR_Lamp1
Text item=Meter_SF_GR_Lamp1
Text item=Meter_SF_BR_Lamp1

Any ideas why my group doesn’t seem to being populated

Well! Restarting openHab fixed it an everything is running as expected. Wierd

You might be interested in the Group SUM feature. You’d have to persist the Group for charting I think.

I’ve got it all working the group is now persisted and charting, was looking to chart all items separately, but thanks for the heads up.

Not sure why openhab freaked out but a restart fixed it