Popup size properties

This seems to work, but the widget is shown with an error. As I thing I’ve abused this thread enough, I will open a new one for this.Thanks a lot

@KingCrab - did you somehow resolve your problem?
I am trying to open a popup and regardless what i configure in the style on width or height it doesn´t change the popup window size.

- component: oh-link
    action: popup
    actionModal: ='page:' + props.page
      height: 110px
      left: 0px
      position: absolute
      top: 0px
      width: 100%

I don’t want to imply that it’s is not possible but as I would interpret the framework7 documentation it is simply not meant to be resized (with the exception of the fullscreen option as shown on the screenshot)

Unfortunately not :frowning_face: