Port change permanent


I changed my openhab port to 8081 in /etc/default/openhab.After upgrade to the newest version the port changed again to default. Is there a way to make this change permanently?

During the upgrade (I’m assuming apt or yum) did it ask you whether to keep the original or replace some config files?

I’ve never changed that file but I believe that’s one of the ones it is supposed to ask about before changing it. If so, then all you need to is answer no during the upgrade process when it asks.

I also thought that there should be this question but it is never there…I am using openhabian

That might be the problem. openHABian is going to say “yes” to those sorts of changes I think.

Even when I do it manually via apt-get Upgrade?

No, if you do it manually it would be the same as if you had not installed openHABian. All openHABian does is call apt to upgrade, but it supplies the arguments so it doesn’t ask you the questions during the upgrade (again, I think, I don’t know but I remember this coming up at one point).