Port code/bridge into OpenHAB...?

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(Renato Semedo) #1

Hi all,

My first post, be nice please… :slight_smile: …having great fun creating my first few rules, etc…this thing is powerful, the more you dig the more you uncover the power of this platform…

One of things I really wanted to automate/connect is my Wireless speaker (Devialet Phantom) to hopefully control them with my Harmony remote, but I’m still a bit far from understanding how to do this…but I believe it’s possible because I found this code/bridge developed for ?homebridge?..

…can someone guide me with witch services I’ve to play with to see that speaker on openHAB and hopefully one day assign the volume up/down to my Harmony remote…? Any help would be much appreciated.


(Rich Koshak) #2

If I interpret the comment at the top correctly, this Node script starts a web server that OH can interact with using the HTTP binding.

(Renato Semedo) #3

Hey…thank you for the feedback, I will give a good lock at that binding and understand what I can do… cheers.