Possibility to show grafana graph in sitemap via remote access?

To be able to access it from myopenhab.org

Here are two ways of showing charts in sitemaps.

First is rendering:

Image refresh=30000 url=""

Second using webview:

Webview url="" height=15

Both options works fine remote through the openhab android app, as well as myopenhab.org, on my system though, (beside rendering sucks and takes a huge amount of resources).

Btw… Grafana server us running on the same computer as openhab.

Don’t get this running with remote URL. Will change to chart item and give grafana a try when I get my nerves back.

Anyway: thank you both for your effort

I have to come back on this, as last night I changed all my sitemaps to use webview insted of rendering.
Now I can not see the charts when connected to basicUI from outside via myopenhab.org either
Using the opehab app on android gives exactly the same error you got.
It works fine locally…

If I change to rendering insted, it works fine, beside rendering takes a huge amount of resources on my Rpi, which can give other problems I have been struggling with…

So I believe there is a problem somewhere using webview in sitemaps with local URL/IP´s from “outside” via myopenhab.org. Using image in sitemaps works fine.
This is a weird problem, cause in both situations it makes use of the internal (local) IP for Grafana.

That makes me sick.

Nothing works for me using the android app via myopenhab.org

In the meantime i tried (for me) absolutely each possible option and nothing gave me a solution.
Any possible solutions?

Don’t believe that you (@Kim_Andersen) and me are the only two having this trouble

You´ll not be able to use Webview and myopnehab.org for a local Grafana server. Webview doesnt proxy the Ip adresse. Which means, when you use Webview and a local server, the client tries to locate the local IP when beeing remote.

You have to add remote access to your Grafana server (not a good idea) using portforward.
Or you have to use rendering (Image type) in your sitemap. Image (rendering) works fine by remote access. But Image type (rendering) uses a huge amount of resources on the platform you run Grafana. I had to stop Grafana on my Rpi and move it to my windows server (more powerfull PC), to be able to use rendering.

This is how it works remote (android openhab app) when using image type in a sitemap:

@Boogieman, for me it’s working with your first urls, since my grafana has same user and password like htaccess for sitemap on nginx proxy. The openhab is asking the grafana during delivery for image and with same credentials it’s working fine.

Took a hard day of research…
Regards, Dirk