Possible error when config has default and is required

I’m troubleshooting an issue, and I think I have isolated it to when a config parameter is required and also has a default value.

The binding I’m working on is the Konnected biding, but I don’t think this is specific to this binding. This binding makes the user add channels. The thing-types.xml contains channels with configuration parameters that have a default, but are also required. Whenever I add a channel with the default value, the biding gets disposed and the UI displays the following message: “HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING {zone=The parameter is required.}”. Once that happens, nothing really works until I delete the zone with the default value.

I can create a channel with a non-default value, and then change it to the default value without any issues.

Sounds like the config description is wrong. If there is a default value, the parameter is not required.

Thanks. I assume you mean that it should not be configured as required if there is a default?

Removing the default makes it work, and I’ll probably do that.