Possible GE Appliance Binding

Just wondering about how to create a binding for my GE laundry appliances. There’s an SDK Here but I’m very new to coding. Any suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated!

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+1, I have a GE washer and dryer that are connected. Would be awesome to having a GE binding.

FYI - I have repurposed code for GE Appliances from:

I modified their module meant for Home Assistance to update OpenHab Items via the REST API … obviously the right way to do this is with a binding (or possibly MQTT), and I would like to do that, but have not yet learned how to write a binding.

The python code I have is obviously preliminary (read a hack) but it allows you to define Items that are Strings which are then populated by python code running on a Raspberry.

Currently I am monitoring the following for the Washer and the Dryer


But it can be easily modified for other attributes that you are interested in.

If there is someone that wants to help giving me guidance on writing a Binding, I think what I have so far could certainly be adapted.

The github folks have been actively updating the GE code for a variety of appliances - I currently only have the Washer and Dryer but the code can handle many other GE Appliances.