Possible New VixenLights Binding

I am considering trying my hand at developing a binding for VixenLights Web API. The DMX binding currently available is great, but falls short in ease of sequencing. I am NOT a coder in any way, but have seen may who are not tackle binding development, so I might as well attempt too. Any help forward is appreciated.


I installed the IDE and get the error on the screenshot when I try to run the runtime. I am not familiar with any of this at all, so any help is appreciated.

I’ve honestly never seen such a message. Looks like some broken openHAB_Runtime.launch file, maybe there are issues on Windows… Do you maybe have spaces in the directory where you’ve installed the IDE? The path “Latitude…” looks pretty weird, doesn’t it?

If you cannot figure out what the problem is, I’d suggest you create a post under https://community.openhab.org/c/organisation/code and check, if there are any other Windows users that can help on it.

Thanks, Ill do that.