Possible to control bluetooth bulbs?

Hey there!
Last week I bought a RGB light bulb, which is controllable via Bluetooth with an Android app. The app’s and company’s name is “Eurodomest”, I guess it’s a rather not known company. Is there any way (binding) to control the bulb with OpenHab 2? I have a Raspberry Pi 3, but I’m also using OpenHab on my Windows 10 computer.

You could check if your product is support 433.92MHz communications.
The only time I’ve heard about Eurodomest is with the 433.92MHz range of products and this should be supported by the RFXCOM binding.

Look at Link at Github to control Eurodomest (Action) Bulb

Linux and Pi

Controls / options of the Eurodomest BLE RGB lamp ar as follow:

-s, --set #w Set white level from 0-256
#r #g #b Set an RGB level value (white off)
#r #g #b #w Set and RGB-W level

-f, --fade #w Fade white level from 0-256
#r #g #b Fade to an RGB level value (white stays off)
#r #g #b #w Fade to an RGB-W level (RGB + White)

-c, --color $name Set colors by name; like ‘maroon’, ‘olive’, ‘aqua’ …
-h, --help Display this help text

blebulb --set 100 Setting the white leds to 100
blebulb -s 25 25 25 Mix a custom color with RGB code
blebulb -s 225 255 225 80 Custom ambient color with RGB-W code
blebulb -f 128 225 128 30 Fade to a custom color from current state
blebulb --fade 255 Fade to a custom color from current state

Hope it is helpfull