Possible to have openHAB serve images?

I’m new to HABpanel and am trying to match the look and functionality of what I had with Rotini. I have set the image URL to: http://localhost:8080/static/images/Bedroom_Background.jpg for example but the path is loaded as a literal string, this means that when viewed from any external device I won’t be able to see the image.

Is it possible to serve this URL like an imageitem would? That way, any images stored on the localhost would be accessible externally, even if the client is accessing openHAB from a proxy.

openHAB acts as a proxy when the image item is used in a sitemap, HABPanel reads the items directly so it doesn’t have access to this feature.
I guess you could copy the URL of the proxified image (something like http://[yourserver]:8080/proxy?sitemap=…&widgetId=…) from Basic UI and use that in HABPanel instead of your original URL.

That explains it then. The problem I guess is the difference between internal and external connection. I can put in the servername but even when I get into my house I’ll still be relying on a working Internet connection to see the image.

Does the image item support what I’m after? Would it be possible to link a background with an item?

Try with a server-relative url derived from a sitemap proxified image, like
It should work in all cases if your openHAB server is accessible.