Possible to make exec:item:output available to Homekit?

is it possible to get status information transfered to an existing homekit device e.g.

String  mycommand_out  "Result [%s]"  ["Switchable.??"] { channel="exec:command:cmd1:output" }

how you want to see it? as text or ON/OFF?
switch in HomeKit has only following attributes

  • On State: it is boolean, can be only true/false). you could map you “result” to these 2 states: true/false.

  • Name: it is string. so you could use the send any string to HomeKit home app as String. however, it will change the name of the device in home app.

besides of “name” there is not much accessories’ characteristics which accepts text/string. mainly something like firmware version, manufacturer, model, which are not expected to be changed very often.

I understand. Thanks for your explanations