Possible Z-Wave Database misentry


Recently I acquired an MCO home shutter control panel. According to it’s manual the product number is MH-C421. When including in the network, OH detects a node but is unable to identify the device. The z-wave database shows an entry for MH-S521 listed as Shutter Panel. When searching for this number on the internet no product is found. Also the manual linked to the entry is incorrect. I suspect something went wrong in adding this item, and now OH cannot finish initialization. Either that, or I should request to add my device. The problem there is however that I cannot for the life of me find the button to add a device to the database on the opensmarthouse website. Who knows what to do?

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Hi Tristan,
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You need to register an account on the opensmarthouse website in order to be able to change existing entries or to add new devices. Please follow the database guide.

Often overlooked: when the changes are done, you need to request a review for the changes you made.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks. Of course, I made an account. But the button simply doesn’t show up for me. I don’t know what is going on.


Welcome also !
After creating an account, you need to open a ticket for write access. Did you do that?

If you have write access, the “create device” is on the right side on the database listing page.

Before adding you should have an xml generated by OH. Also the key ID numbers are not the model, but something like this 015F:C321:5102. These should be on the UI page of your partially discovered device. Search for those numbers individually to ensure no device already exists. Sometimes devices are rebranded by other companies, etc.


Thanks Bob. Somehow I missed that. I submitted a ticket. That should eventually solve the issue. Best.