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Nope. Sigh
I wrote:

If you tell me how to access Category settings I can do, but I have not found that option.
Admin can, moderators likely cannot.

Fair enough.
Who is the Admin here?



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Thank you.

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I am. What shall I do?

Good morning @Kai :slight_smile:

The idea here was to auto-close topics after 6 Weeks, was proposed, of inactivity since the thread hijacking is getting out of hand.


Ok, I have set auto-closure after last post to 1000 hours for all categories.
Let’s see if that leads to a crashing forum, because it will have to close 95% of our topics tonight ;-).


Thanks. You realize you could have spread out the initial load, right?
Are you going to warn DigitalDan or just let it crash?

I doubt that there will be any issue!

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Thank you again.

The change looks like it is only for new threads. That is a start
Is there any way to have somebody review and lock the ancient threads? Perhaps some automated script or semi-automated reporting?

Somebody just commented over a 2 year old thread!

Any other ideas @kai?

Hey @Bruce_Osborne maybe you didn’t notice but the “auto close after x time” is active.
It does not close old topics since it’s one month+- from the activation of the feature to be auto-closed.

And I think it’s good like that, since people need to adjust.
The best we can do now is communicate.
Let me just quote @rpwong since I can agree with him very much.

I looked at the referenced topic, and it’s a completely new user.

Yes I can understand your frustration, but it would be best to enable the new user to behave in a desirable way.
That would be beneficial in my eyes.

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It is working for threads created after the setting change. I believe the older inactive ones are still open like the one I posted from 2017.

Hmmm seems like it. Just checked a post from 2015, no message about

There is a way how to do it in bulk, see:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.where(closed: false).where("created_at < '2015-01-01'").find_each do |topic| 
  topic.update_status("closed", true, Discourse.system_user)

But in my opinion this is would be to broad.
If there is a way to be more precise like

created_at < '2015-01-01' AND last_response < '2020-01-01'

The AND last_response < '2020-01-01 is completely fabricated by my mind, but this should be possible.


I just did some database exploration and tested the following in my own little discourse setup and can confirm this works.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.where(closed: false).where("created_at < '2019-01-01' AND updated_at < '2020-01-01'").find_each do |topic| 
  topic.update_status("closed", true, Discourse.system_user)

And yes my forum now looks a lot like this :smiley: close and open since I wanted to revert these changes.

Thank god does auto backups every 12 hours and I can just revert the fuzz. :metal:


All topics (effected by the query) suddenly had a NEW notification since the “System” User closed/opened the Topic :grimacing:


If this option is being considered, I can provide my Discourse as a testing environment :stuck_out_tongue:

Paging @kai to see if we can improve the situation further. If this were done in steps (1 year at a time?) that could reduce the server and email load.