Postion sunblinds via slider cell


I use OH3 (RPI4) since two months and i am realy excited about this software. Last week I have built a RFlink gateway to control my sunblinds. The RFlink communicates with OH3 via MQTT. So I have created a MQTT Thing, which I have connected to a Rollershutter item and I see three buttons: UP, STOP, DOWN. I am able to put my sunblinds up and down + able to stop going up/down. Realy happy with this achievement!


My question: How can I get my Sunblinds down or up for example 20% of the total length or via a position which I fill in via a – for example -slider cell

I would like to bring my Sunblinds down based on how much sun I would like to have in my living room. In the current set-up I have to watch how far the sunblind goes and if I would like to stop: I hit the stop button. Preferably I am able to use the slider cell, but don’t know how to link this to de sunblinds commands UP/STOP/DOWN.

I tested with a script with a javascript SLEEP command (for example for 5 a 6 seconds), that works, but is not connected to a slider or Rollershutter cell. I am fully aware that my sunblind motor doesn’t give the state back, so own calculation of the position in % is precise enough.

Later on I would like to connect a wind meter and light meter, based on the moment of the day the sunblinds should go down for 20,30or 70% of the total lengts. First tings first, If iam able to put the % via a cell, that would be fine!

Really appreciate your help!

Okay, time based guesstimating then.

Thanks! will ask there…