Potential idea for an AD, if you ever wanted- Have Fun XD

This is very much not on the “Serious” side, but it’s making me giggle at the idea.

I’m sure there must be some maker project that makes use of either the IR sensors of the xbox kinetik to register gestures, or of the gyros in things like the nintendo wii controllers, or phones or even better of an android watch with wear os (t_hat would actually make me buy a watch that i otherwise have no use for_) to register their gestures.
(Hmm does somethign like tasker for wear os exist :star_struck: ???)

A random guy, comes home from a heavy working day, he is knackered.

With a swing like an orchestra director turns on the music,

a bit like a Jedi lifts the shutters with a slow lifting gesture,

flicks the light on, with the flick of a wrist

and with a “kamehameha” movement turns on the heating

outro claim:
Openhab- be your own hero
-at least at home.


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Yes, AutoWear. I messed with it a little but I couldn’t find a good use case for gesture based commands. It isn’t all that fine so you can’t do something like wave your hand like a conductor. You have to shake or tilt or the like and it becomes really awkward. Though that could have been more my lack of spending time trying to tune it or make it work.

Compared to a lot of folks on this forum, I tend to be a ludite when it comes to the interfaces to my home automation.

There is a zwave gesture device that seems to work pretty well though. I haven’t seen a lot of Kinect hacks on this forum but this would certainly fit the bill.

I’ve also seen some DIY and commercial wizard wand controllers that might be workable for something like this. You could change the tag line to “be a wizard”. :smiley:

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in that case, you need (instead of sounds nd faces pulled by the actor) to change the soundscore to the one of Mickey mouse doing the wizard’s apprentice in fantasia.

oh yeah, no more dancing brooms. automate a roomba

I remember having seen a video of Kai where he used gestures on a Hue ligth.