Power Adapter for LD686

I have the LD686 for LED-Strips
Now I need a power supply/adapter.
I want to connect up to 4 LED-Strips to it.
Found e.g. this adapters on aliexpress

But which voltage should it take? 24V with 5A ?


It depends on how much power your strips will use.
If you have 4 strips at 5V and each using 1A then you are using a total of 5x4=20 Watts

If you use a 24V power supply then I would use a 2A rated one just to be on the safe side
The 1A rated one would deliver 24x1=24W
The 2A rated one would deliver 24x2=48W

BUT be careful with the rating of your strips. and your controller CANNOT deliver more than 1.25A to each strip.

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The adapter of my printer is also not working. When I am trying to connect the printer with my system through its adapter is not getting connected and it is also showing Epson printer error code 031008 on the interface.

Hi @vzorglub,
thanks for your answer.
I currently have 3x 12V-LED-Strips (I don’t see, if it’s 1A or 2A)
I want to another LED-Strip --> so I want to use 4 LED-Strips with that controller.

Will one of this adapter work? or should I prefer this one?

Thanks again,

According to the led specs, they use 4 watts per meter.
So you needs to measure the strips and do some maths

Hi @vzorglub

One LED-Strip is 5m long.
–> One LED-Strip 5 x 4 = 20W correct?
When using 4 Strip, I need 80W ?
So, when I take this one I could have 72W max, right? (when selecting 24V*3A).
Would that work well?


No, your supply is 72w max
At full brightness it will overheat and fail
You need at least 4amps,better get 5 amps
But your check your controller too

This is a the photo from the Wi-Fi controller.
Does that mean that I only can use one stripe at this controller?

No you can have 5 outputs at 4 amps each. You controller should be fine