Power control device


Is there any hardware based i.e. on zwave that allows to control power? For example I have heater and want to dynamic control max power that is used [in Watts].

No and while I’m not expert in electricity, I don’t think that’s how it works. Electricity is not like water flowing through a pipe. It’s the device that dictates how much power it draws and usually it needs an uninterrupted flow of electricity at a predefined voltage and it “consumes” as much as it needs. If the amount of electricity used exceeds the circuit breaker’s max, the breaker will trip and cut off all power.

You might be able to reduce the amount of electricity available to a device through a dimmer. But given the way dimmers work, almost nothing except a light is going to work with one. A dimmer basically cuts the power and turns it on really fast so that the bulb is actually flashing on and off really fast. Persistence of vision will even out the flashes and it will appear that the room is darker or brighter. Very few devices can operate when it’s receiving power in that way.

If you want to control how much electricity the heater uses you have to turn it down or turn it off.