Power Level - ZWave - What is it? - SOLVED

Is anyone able to help illuminate what the Power Level setting does under ZWave Device Configuration? I’ve noticed this field exists, with a description: Set the RF output level - Normal is maximum power. Options then show Minus 1dB, 2, 3, etc.

What are these options in relevance to? Is this just to the output level of the ZWave radio? Or does this have at all to do with the interference with LED bulbs? I only ask as I’ve found with some new dimmer devices, I’m noticing the flicker effect when at lower dimming levels and I’m wondering if tuning this could help resolve that - but if it would be at the cost of the radio strength for ZWave communication.

Yes - it onlyallows you to reduce RF power by 1db, 2db etc… It won’t affect the bulb flicker - this is normally caused by dimmers having trouble controlling LED bulbs when very little power is being consumed. You can get ‘bypass’ devices that are meant to help with this issue - although I can’t confirm this as I’ve never tried them myself.

Excellent. I figured that was the case, but I wanted to validate as I hadn’t recalled seeing this option before.