Power outage

(Rich Smith) #1

Currently, if the power flickers(which is does EVERY time I’m away without fail), mymodem seems to need to come online first, then the router.

If it doesn’t(basically every time there’s a failure) i have to manually reboot the router.

When i’m away, i have no access to the network when this happens.

So i need a way to 1:detect network outage 2:reboot the router

I’m open to suggestions

2 seems harder…i’ve worked on trying to write scripts in the past to remotely reboot my router, to no avail.
I use ddwrt on my router.

If anyone has any insight into how to accomplish this, I’m all ears.


(Paul Muldoon) #2

Im not sure, I think you need to somehow probably have your modem send a reboot to the router?

What router do you have? Can you maybe update its firmware or try dd-wrt on it?

(Rossko57) #3

Some ideas here

(Rich Smith) #4

I already have ddwrt on the router

(Rich Smith) #5

router is a asus RC-AC68U

(Tim Roberts) #6

If you don’t mind spending money ($129) - get a smart power switch (I personally own 2 of these: Web Power Switch 7. Works great - has scripts and I’ve got both of them setup to do exactly what you’ve asked for. And as a side bonus - you can remotely power cycle stuff yourself

(Max G) #7

This is a great device!

However, if you want a DIY solution, have a UPS-ed rPi monitoring the Voltage or external ping to something, and let the pi switch a relay to power cycle either the modem or router or both… but then… trialling and mucking about with a DIY solution, and more so the time spent, this 129USD thingy seems perfect.

(Sergey M) #8

Hello! Theoretically, I would have done so:

check the availability of the Internet
a rule that if the Internet outage will send a team sonoff off and after 10 seconds turn

(Sebastian Dudek) #9

Maybe you could solve the root cause of this problem a buy a uninterruptible power supply. It seems that it isn’t that expensive any more.

(Max G) #10

I second that… we have the whole house on a 20kWh UPS :slight_smile:

(Paul Muldoon) #11

Assuming oh2 is behind the router, it will show as offline. Can you use a OH2 rule with a cron job to ping a website and if not found send a reboot cmd to the router?

Or possibly have a similar script and cron job run directly on the router itself?

(Rich Smith) #12

Everything is already on a UPS. Problem still exists.

I want to be able to run a reboot to the router; i’ve been working on doing that, but having issues.

Apparrently i need pub/priv keypairs in place…
I’ve been inquiring into that on ddwrts forum


(Paul Muldoon) #13


Can you explain what you need keys for? Are you trying to establish an SSH connection into the router to reboot it?

I do not have dd-wrt installed on my router currently, so haven’t played in a while. But can you place a script directly on the router itself? And have that script ping a website, and if the ping fails then reboot?

Is this helpful?

(Rich Smith) #14

Yes exactly. If you don’t set up the key pairs, it prompts for the router pw. That is not something i want to put in a script.
Even better, i think i found an answer.

There is a feature in DDWRT called watchdog.
You can have it ping a website every x seconds and reboot if it fails. Go figure.