Power still shows off when dimming

I got an LED-stripe with a tasmota driven controller. 2 channels, one with a power item, one with a dimmer item. If power is off and I dimm, light goes on BUT the power item still shows off.

How can I do it, if I dimm during power off stat, that it turns to on?

You might change your controller so that it tells openHAB when it changes to ‘on’.

How have you set this all up in openHAB?

I have perhaps an identical setup to you, which I describe here. When I increase brightness from 0, the ‘power’ item turns on.

I’m fairly sure that Tasmota sends POWER:ON/OFF when brightness is changed, by default. OP may have changed a setting somewhere, or isn’t listening for the right one…

You have to confirm the stat topic for power is being sent out. Then confirm your power switch is looking. At it.

Yes, Tasmota sends power “on” when brightness changes, but what do I have to do, that the power switch is turning “on”.

Depends what you’ve done already.

I’m general, subscribe to the RESULT status via a Thing Channel, then link that Channel to your Item. As shown in the link.