Is it possible to use the powerdog-binding in Openhab2? I tried to install but it seems not working…


It appears to be listed in the Bindings in the docs.

If it doesn’t show up for you in PaperUI, it might have only been added recently in which case you may need to install the 2.1 SNAPSHOT to get it.

Thanks for your answer. Yes it is listed in the docs but i am wondering it seems not to be added (even in the 2.1 Snapshot). I tried to install the openhab1 version but without success.

If it is listed in the Docs that usually means that it has been tested by someone and shown to work with 2.x. Perhaps it hasn’t made it into the nighly builds yet. I don’t know. You can look for it on the github projects and see if there are any open issues on it.

I can’t find any open issues.
Does anyone use the powerdog-binding?

I am also interested in using PowerDog with oopenhab 2 - has anybody information why it doesnt work with 2.0?