Powered z-wave device no longer communicating with control

I’ve been using DZ15s switches throughout the house and have had one drop from the network (OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR) after working fine for many months. physically the switch still works and shows the green light. so far I’ve tried the device heal. the node in question is number 11 below is the z-wave debug level logzwave.log (363.6 KB)

Leviton? Try popping the air gap and starting a discovery. If that does not work, hold the switch in until you see the amber light and start discovery. Every now and then I have a Leviton device drop off the network and I think it is always during inclusion of naother device. They always seem to come back though. Don’t hold until you see red, or it will reset the switch and you will need to reinclude and clean up the ghost node.


Thank you the re adding worked by setting it up as a new node.