Powermax binding question

@Lolodomo Great binding, seems stable, although sometimes if I shutdown/start Openhab 1.8.1 too quickly, it fails to register with the Powermax.

The question I have is around the ‘autoupdate’ parameter, what is this used for? In the examples on the wiki, the value always seems to be set to false.

Thanks for a superb piece of work!


Anyone know the answer to this?

Your question relative to autoupdate is not specific to a particular binding. Someone provided a clear explanation on the forum few months ago. To say that simply, when set to false, your action only sends a command and does not change the item state. I let the binding update the items states.

For your problem at startup, can you provide any logs that could help me ? On what OS/machine are you running OH ? I am running OH on slow machines (RPI 2) and this never fail at startup ?
Can you tell me what Powermax model you own ?