Powermax binding

well I have a Powermax Pro and it seems to work perfectly - event log 1 is indeed the most recent. I’ll test it in the next few days and let you know if it’s correctly logging events as they happen.

thank you again!


OK that’s cool.
I never understood why it is not working as expected for me (already with the Vera plugin). Maybe that is different when partitions are enabled…

Next feature to be implemented: time synchronization.

That would make sense - I only have the one partition


Incidentally, could I be greedy and make two feature requests?

  1. would be handy to monitor the battery level of wireless sirens (the Vera plugin can do this).

  2. would also be useful to be able to trigger a panic alarm. This then gives a way for openhab to independently fire the alarm, even when none of the powermax sensors have tripped (say because motion is detected on a camera).


@dan12345: I don’t see in the Vera plugin code battery monitoring for sirens.
And I don’t know how to trigger a panic alarm.
Very sorry.

Thanks for looking - I’d misremembered that the Vera plugin could do this…

hi guys, connecting the PC to my Powermax Pro - can i do this via the Powerlink2 ? or does this need to be removed? i’ve got this RS232 module, should i be using this instead?

Yes you need to install the RS232 module and as I know you cannot use the Powerlink module at the same time.

this is great piece of work, thanks very much.

Does anyone have any more example items please. I’m wondering how I configure the door contacts and motion sensors.

Thanks Colin

Everything is in one of my previous messages.
Look for item Powermax_zone1_status2

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Hey All,

Really happy I have just seen this as I have access to a Powermax unit.

Sadly there is no RS232 module installed, has anyone looked to see what the RS232 module is actually doing, does it just have an RS232 transceiver or is it simply a breakout board, I am wondering if I can make my own interface.


it’s a proper little circuit board with one IC and little else in the way of components. There’s a good picture of it here which, if you are way better at this stuff than I am, might help you build your own: link

Thanks for that, as I suspected it appears to be a transceiver module, looking at the datasheet for the MAX202 its a 5V dual port RS232 line driver, that would indicate it has either 3.3v or 5v TTL on the mainboard side.

Should be fairly easy to knock something up, I will look into this weekend, failing that you could just connect at TTL level instead.

I have various TTL to USB adapters I will test with one of those first.

I had been using a Powerlink2 for a while, this is now disconnected. However the Powermax Pro keeps alerting that comms to the Powerlink2 is down and starts beeping during the night. I’m not popular at the moment. I read that the Powermax Pro auto detects the Powerlink2, but I can’t find where to configure to not have a Powerlink2 installed… Hence it thinks it has this fitted but it’s not responding.

I think this weekend I will do a factory reset… Unless anyone has any bright ideas?

I have the same problem - constant communication errors… however I turned off the beeping and so it’s no more than a slight annoyance. Had the same problem with the Vera plugin, so I’m assuming it’s inherent to the way the Powermax communicates over the RS232.

(I have a horrible feeling you’re going to ask how I turned off the beeping, but I did that ages ago and can’t recall how!)


Dan… So you don’t think this error is related to my disconnected Powerlink2 then?

Getting pushed out of bed through the night is no fun.

it might be, as I used to have a powerlink2 as well - bloody useless device.

I should add that I don’t get the communication errors if the binding is set to standard (rather than powerlink) mode. So you could try that if you can’t turn off the beeping.


Interesting, thanks Dan.
Other than this issue the binding seems good. Thanks lolodomo - will there be a wiki page for this binding?

Wez, i have a spare RS232 from an old Powermax - happy to post to you, no charge. @SupraWez