Preferred configuration for running Openhab(VM/local/Synology)

I have a linux server and a synology unit. I was wondering what’s the easiest(most supported) setup for running Openhab.

My main requirements would be rest API / Z-wave.

I am open to having a dedicated VM, running OpenHab Locally on my server(less desirable) and running it on my synology play.

Are there any setups which are considered the “best” I have an AEON stick I plan to use for zwave.

My openHAB installation is installed at a xen server with no problems, but I do not need any usb sticks :slight_smile: so this would be the tricky step (but of course it’s possible to pass-through a usb interface to a dedicated vm).

You could even use a container. In question of Synology I guess it depends of the hardware, if that would fit. Keep in mind, that the installation on Synology is slightly different from standard GNU/Linux installation; e.g. debian via apt-get:

There are no “best” setups. The best setup will be the most convenient for you given your hardware, technologies in use, and technical skill level.

Based on the comments on this forum, a lot of people install OH on their Synologies, but a lot of people also have a lot of problems installing and upgrading OH on their Synologies as well.

I personally run OH in a Docker container running on an Ubuntu Server VM running on top of ESXi. Probably the most popular deployment is to install OH on a Raspberry Pi.

It all depends on your personal requirements.

NOTE: If you are using ESXi 6.5, you will need to disable and fall back to the older USB drivers or else your Z-wave dongle will be work very well when passed through to the guest. Search the forum for “ESX” and you will find several posts talking about that.

i’ve never ran docker before but it sound similar to what I was going to do(a headless virtualbox VM running ubuntu server)? Do you know if virtual box can pass the AEON stick relatively easily?

I don’t have any experience running Virtual box headless so I can’t say how easy it is to pass the USB device. I know through the UI it is pretty easy through the menu at the top.

If you are planning on putting it on a VM, why not consider using a type-1 hypervisor like ESXi or Xen?

Or, look into Docker and other Linux Container solutions that will let you isolated OH from the rest of your server without the full overhead of a VM.

I use both because I host multiple services on the same VM.

I’m running my OH in a VM on the free ESXi, and using the AEON stick.

I had to change usb drivers, on the ESXi host (easy to do), to get it working properly.
But you can follow this KB.

I have no problems, and the ability to do a snapshot of the VM, before making major changes, is just perfect.
Also i use the free Nakivo app on Synology, to backup my OH VM onto the Synology.
So win win.