Preparation for 2.5M2

Do we have any idea how many milestones before release?
I know, users always want more. We are behind “schedule”, though.


Any news on npcap?

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I have asked several times for these to be included, but hueemulation and zwave were never added to the official list. These are regressions since 2.5M1 and should be fixed before 2.5M2.

I don’t use mqtt enough to know if the open issues are critical. There’s also a new one for zigbee devices being marked as offline after the bump to 1.2.1, but I expect that will be fixed very quickly.


I , for one, use OpenHAB primarily for Z-Wave.

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No. Since I understood this problem was probably present before the migration I did not look into it and focused on other problems. I‘m currently working on MQTT, maybe after that.


I just want to add a couple comment here and take this first comment’s worth for what you paid for it

I ‘think’ Chris has a running IDE (finally, although not with out ongoing issues) and is currently pushing snapshots and addressing all recent zwave issues. The heal issue is maybe not a regression, just a recently uncovered shortcoming. Disabling nightly heal is a work around IF and ONLY IF nightly heal is causing issues. Otherwise I again ‘think’ zwave is in good shape but Scott if you know otherwise please feel free to correct me. Anyhow, Chris is on holiday and he may chime in but the guy deserves a break

Second comment
David does seem to have abandoned hueemulation and it has outstanding issues. if interested see this post

Beside what @Andrew_Rowe already mentioned:

All Zwave issued mentioned are either closed or there was a clear comment that its either no regression or its not considered as blocking by the maintainer.

So I’m happy that we go for M2 and get into a regular schedule again, where there will be each month a milestone/monthly which is better than the one before.


I’ve reopened #1178, since I had incorrectly thought that #1195 was related and would address the issue.
What I’m experiencing appears to be the same as what is described by @digitaldan here. I’ve also seen posts in the forum that seemed as though they could also be related.

If 2.5M2 is released on Wed with things still broken, anybody…

  1. using zwave should disable the daily heal, which can lead to routing issues not getting fixed,
  2. using zigbee should expect their devices to randomly drop offline,
  3. using using hueemulation should remove it (before upgrading!) and use the jar from 2.5M1 (which also has issues) or find a jar from before 2.4 (which is what I’ve done)

I have disabled daily heal because battery powered devices hang and functionality is lost.

ahhhh… no that is not going to work.


There is no set number of releases. We will have milestone 2.x releases until we are ready to introduce breaking changes to the APIs at which point we will move to a 3.0 releases. If we follow the same process as we did for 2.0, there will be an extended period of alpha and beta testing before there is a full release of a 3.0.

Thanks. Quite a few of us have joined since 2.4 was released.

A little late to the game, but this seems to be a regression issue. Just filed the bug a few minutes ago.

The Neeo binding/IO works with no issues on M1. It will not load properly on the M2 nightly. The only way I can get this working properly is to extract the two .jar files from the M1 addons, wait until OH is fully started, and then put them into the addons folder. At that point everything seems to work as normal.

Just FTR here: The neeo bug has quickly been solved by @J-N-K

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Agreed. I’m going to pull the latest nightly tomorrow and verify.

For zwave, @chris decided that it should not be considered blocking for M2.
Can anyone comment on hueemulation? I see that @cweitkamp did a few fixes these days - do we have to deal with anything further or could we still plan M2 for tomorrow?

I would be surprised if he feels the same about 1178. Please review this comment. It would be great if @digitaldan could test again to see if he is still experiencing this too.

To summarize the issue, after a daily heal kicks off on a snapshot build of OH, the zwave network response is very slow and devices drop offline. The only remedy I’ve found is to restart OH and disable the daily heal.

This may also be one to get cleaned up… [basic] Frame visibility in sitemap ignored until refresh github. There was a related issue in Android, but that should be resolved in the next build.

does that mean now that z-wave in M2 is not really usable?

Only he can tell, but as @chris is the maintainer of that component, I am listening to his decision.

@Kai @chris is currently in the US on a business trip He is checking here periodically though.