Prepending with lowercase fl - does it mean something?

I set one of my Arduinos up as a controller for multiple RGB LED strips around my house. I used a project I came across somewhere here in these forums as my starting point. I’ve got everything up and running how I want it and now I’m just cleaning up the code. I’m wondering if prepending color and dimmer items with a lower case fl is something customary in openhab, the way prepending groups with a lowercase g is for example. The original project was posted in German so I’m not sure if it was coded that was because it’s what made sense in his situation.

Here is the original code as well as a link to the original post below that. I know this is probably not all that important in the grand scheme of things. I just want to be sure I’m doing everything as clearly and correctly as possible because I’m thinking of eventually writing up a how-to on my version of it.


Group  gFlur            "Flur"          <corridor> (gAlles)
Group  gNachtlicht      "Nachtlicht"    <corridor> (gFlur)
Color  flNachtlicht     "Nachtlicht"    <slider> (gNachtlicht)
Dimmer flNachtlicht_R   "Rot [%d %%]"   <switch> (gNachtlicht) {mqtt=">[localbroker:/openHAB/Nachtlicht/RED:state:*:default]"}
Dimmer flNachtlicht_G   "Grün [%d %%]"  <switch> (gNachtlicht) {mqtt=">[localbroker:/openHAB/Nachtlicht/GREEN:state:*:default]"}
Dimmer flNachtlicht_B   "Blau [%d %%]"  <switch> (gNachtlicht) {mqtt=">[localbroker:/openHAB/Nachtlicht/BLUE:state:*:default]"}

„fl“ would just be short for „Flur“, the German word for „hallway“. So it‘s just used to prefix the items with the room.