Preprevious state

I need the n historic states of a string-item.
With previousState i get the last value.
But how can I get the prelast, preprelast a.s.o.


Unfortunately there is no easy answer for this that I know of. If your Item persisted fairly regularly you can create a loop to go backwards and call historicState to get that Items state at that time.

If you wanted a specific history you could manually create items for the previous values and then overwrite each one in the change rule:

Number TheItem
Number TheItemPrev
Number TheItemPrev2
Number TheItemPrev3
rule "History"
    when Item TheItem changed
    postUpdate(TheItemPrev3, TheItemPrev2.state)
    postUpdate(TheItemPrev2, TheItemPrev.state)
    postUpdate(TheItemPrev, previousState)

It’s not the most elegant solution but would work.

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thank you.
I did it that way until I found the previousState-function…
Thought, this would be better and item-saving.
Now I’m back there.