Presence detect


i’m looking for soultion for my problem.
I made two things, thats represents my phones presence:

Thing network:pingdevice:phone1 [ hostname="" ]
Thing network:pingdevice:phone2 [ hostname="" ]

But I get false-negative alarms. In grafana I set 15 min period, but I still get some false-neagtive (i’m at home, but openhab doesent see my phone - switch is OFF).

I have installed arping on the server, what I should do to get 100% working with 15 min accuracy time period?

If you are using iPhones see below:

i’m using android phones.

Make sure arping is actually working from the command line. Amend timeout and retry values until you no longer get false negatives. Although the thread linked by @vzorglub is entitled iPhones, the principals apply to Android devices too.

Arping is working from console.

I set now values to:

[ hostname="", retry=3, timeout=5000, refreshInterval=7000 ]

These values are good enough?