Presence Detection iPhone


i try to use the Networkbinding and my iPhone for a presence detection.
The Problem is that after a few minutes the Networkbinding cant find my iPhone.

In found a part in Manuel for iphone dectection: Link

my Thing:

Anyone have an idea what i can do?

Do you have arping installed, configured, and verify that it works?

Sometimes I had the same problems. I think that there are problems with Bonjour and the iPhone simply can not be awakened and thus can not be pinged. But this is not a problem of the Network Binding, but a general network problem. I often had the same problems with the Bonjour Sleep Proxy. That my Apple TV could not access the private share. As a router, I use a Fritzbox, probably there is the ZeroConf integration buggy :wink:
Of course, this does not help you much :wink:
I have now switched to a Bluetooth presence detection, which is very reliable :slight_smile:

Raspberry PI Zero W + Gigaset G-Tag (or other BT Tags) + Little Script :slight_smile:

If you are interested or have questions write me a PN … I have not written any README.

PS: I speak German, if you write me a PN and even speak German :wink: