Presence Detection with iPhone and OH2

Give it a try, its fairly easy to set up.

I haven’t had that much luck getting remote access to homekit and havent had the time to setup a terminal bot just yet. I’m not convinced that the issue is caused by homekit itself and not my firewall, so you might have better luck.

Let me know how it works for you :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to do presence detection directly on my router. Works good enough for me. Both my iPhones stay connected to WiFi when I am home. No jumps in and out.

Sharing the code here:

Script currently just logs to syslog. Need to make it to post it to openhab.


The upside is also, that you get the best wifi ever, with the UBNT AP’s, and it’s not that expensive. I use the AP Lite AP’s.

Do you mean those APs?


I have the lite version.

But you can select whatever fit’s your need.

Just set them up, where you need Wifi, and connect them to your switch.
Then using the controller software, on your laptop, your server (can be a raspberry pi etc) or your cloud key, manage your wifi.

It’s the controller software that the binding connect to, so you should have it running somewhere, where it can run 24/7.


Could I run the software on the same Raspi, OH is running on?

Probably yes, but i think you will have a problem with resources.

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I have tested it for little over a week with a telegram bot to notify me when the scene has changed.

The HomeKit method is dead to me, it haven’t detected me leaving or coming home even on´ce. This is straight up lazyness on apples part - they could do so little to make this work, but they haven’t.

were there any problems to set the automation rule in homekit? I tried this with every possibility of settings but in the end there is one result :

Any ideas?

best regards

Sorry for the late reply, I have jumped ship since. But as far as I remember the “only” problem I had was that it simply did not work - HomeKit and the phone did not talk together as advertised - an extremely lacy oversight on Apples part. However I have presence detection working using Home Assistant and their iCloud component pulling the phone location from “Find my iPhone” - it works very very well and quick. I don’t know if OpenHAB have a similar solution.